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"The President's Own"


"The President's Own"

United States Marine Band

Colonel Jason K. Fettig, Director
The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa
"The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa" is a multi-year recording project and is the Marine Band's first comprehensive collection of Sousa's marches since the 1970s. Initiated by Director Col. Jason K. Fettig, the collection is presented in chronological order. Volume 1, released on April 6, 2015, contains Sousa's first 17 marches, covering the years 1873 to 1882. Volume 2, released on April 11, 2016, contains 18 marches, spanning the years 1883 to 1889, when Sousa was Director of the Marine Band. Volume 3, released Dec. 12, 2016, includes 20 marches Sousa composed from 1889-98. Volume 4, released April 9, 2018, includes 20 marches Sousa composed from 1899-1916. 

The volumes are available for free download exclusively on the Marine Band website, along with scrolling videos and PDFs of the full scores that include historical and editorial notes about each piece. Each march has been carefully edited and corrected by Col. Fettig and Music Production Chief Master Gunnery Sgt. Donald Patterson using some of the earliest known publications and incorporate performance practices employed by the Marine Band that are modeled on those of "The March King" himself.

The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa: Vol. 1   VOLUME 1 MARCHES
1) Review 10) Recognition
2) The Honored Dead 11) Guide Right
3) Revival 12) President Garfield's Inauguration
4) Across the Danube 13) In Memoriam 
      (President Garfield's Funeral)
5) Esprit de Corps 14) Right Forward
6) On the Tramp 15) The Wolverine
7) Resumption 16) Yorktown Centennial
8) Globe and Eagle 17) Congress Hall
9) Our Flirtation  

The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa: Vol. 1  VOLUME 2 MARCHES
18) Bonnie Annie Laurie 27) Triumph of Time
19) Mother Goose 28) The Gladiator
20) Pet of the Petticoats 29) The Rifle Regiment
21) Right–Left 30) The Occidental
22) Transit of Venus 31) Ben Bolt
23) The White Plume 32) The Crusader
24) Mikado March 33) National Fencibles
25) Mother Hubbard March 34) Semper Fidelis
26) Sound Off 35) The Picador











The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa: Vol. 1 VOLUME 3 MARCHES
36) The Quilting Party 46) The Triton
37) The Thunderer 47) The Beau Ideal
38) The Washington Post 48) The Liberty Bell
39) Corcoran Cadets 49) Manhattan Beach
40) The High School Cadets 50) The Directorate 
41) The Loyal Legion 51) King Cotton
42) Homeward Bound 52) El Capitan
43) The Belle of Chicago 53) The Stars and Stripes Forever
44) March of the 
      Royal Trumpets
54) The Bride Elect
  45) On Parade 55) The Charlatan













56) Hands Across the Sea 66) The Fairest of the Fair
57) The Man Behind the Gun 67) The Glory of the Yankee Navy
58) Hail to the Spirit of Liberty 68) The Federal
59) The Invincible Eagle 69) From Maine to Oregon
60) The Pride of Pittsburgh 70) Columbia's Pride
61) Imperial Edward 71) The Lambs' March
62) Jack Tar 72) The New York Hippodrome
63) The Diplomat 73) The Pathfinder of Panama
64) The Free Lance 74) America First
  65) Powhatan's Daughter 75) Boy Scouts of America
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