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The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa
A comprehensive collection of marches by John Philip Sousa, including audio recordings, scores & historical information


Initiated by 28th Director of the Marine Band Col. Jason K. Fettig, "The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa" is the first comprehensive collection of Sousa's marches produced by "The President's Own" since the 1970s.

The seven volumes span Sousa's entire march-writing career, from 1873-1932, and offer free resources for 129 marches. Modern recordings, historical information (courtesy of Paul E. Bierley, author of The Works of John Philip Sousa), as well as full-band scores and sheet music for marches that are in the public domain, are all available for public use as a result of this multi-year project. The volumes are available for free download exclusively on the Marine Band website.

Also available are scrolling videos which allow listeners to follow along with the score as they listen, and editorial notes about the scores.

Each march has been carefully edited and corrected by Col. Fettig and Music Production Chief Master Gunnery Sgt. Donald Patterson using some of the earliest known publications and incorporate performance practices employed by the Marine Band that are modeled on those of "The March King" himself.

Public Domain Letter for Educators

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