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Music in the Schools
Educational performances designed specifically for elementary and high school students


Use the menu below to learn about available educational programs.



In-Person and Virtual Educational programs for grades 9-12

Registration for MITHS is currently closed and will re-open January 2025.

ALL SCHOOLS: During the month of February, the United States Marine Band will offer free virtual clinics to U.S. high school music programs. Students will have the opportunity to learn from and work with current members of the band on a variety of offered topics.


Clinics last 45 minutes. Space is limited, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. A minimum of five students must be in attendance for the clinic. Please submit only one request per educator.

DC, MD & VA ONLY: High schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia can request an in-person clinic if the school is located within a 20-mile radius of Marine Barracks Washington.



in-Person Educational Programs for Grades 2-5

MITS registration is currently closed and will re-open September 2024.

In October the U.S. Marine Band offers "Music in the Schools" as a free music enrichment program to elementary schools in D.C., Maryland and Virginia within 15 miles of Marine Barracks Washington (8th & I Streets SE, Washington, DC, 20390). Designed for grades 2-5, these 45-minute programs introduce musical instruments and concepts in an interactive and engaging way. During the program, Marine Band musicians perform a wide range of music geared specifically toward elementary school students. Presentations feature instrument demonstrations, explanations about how instruments produce sound, instruction on musical terms, and a question and answer session.

In order to maintain an effective program, a maximum of 150 students is recommended and the presentation must be scheduled as part of the formal school day. Teachers/administrators must be present for the duration of the performance.

Space is limited, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Three performing ensembles are available in 2023:

  • Reed Quintet: This energetic and educational show introduces the elements of music. The Marine Band Reed Quintet (oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon) will encourage the students to sing, clap, and laugh along with the group.

  • String Duo: Students will meet members of the Marine Chamber Orchestra to learn about the string family of instruments, discover how musical voices can create a conversation, and explore the types of music they might hear if they were to be a guest at the White House.

  • Brass Quintet: Music can tell stories! Join the Marine Brass Quintet to meet the instruments of the brass family as they bring to life a modern-day fairy tale. Students will be engaged with fun musical facts and encouraged to interact with the performers.


Video performances and educational resources designed for young musicians

General Music - Around the World in 30 Minutes

  • For grades K-5. Develop new musical interests and explore the importance of musical curiosity with folk music from around the world! Students will experience music from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, as demonstrated by the versatile musicians of the Marine Band.

  • LINKS: Video / Lesson Plans / Program

Band - Why I Love Playing Music

  • For musicians in beginner/intermediate band. There are endless varieties of music, and just as many reasons to love playing it! In this performance, percussion, brass and woodwind ensembles from the Marine Band share their musical talents, as well as the reasons they love making music.

  • LINKS: Video / Lesson Plans / Program

Orchestra - String Colors: Painting with Sound

  • For musicians in beginner/intermediate orchestra. This program showcases the incredible world of musical colors and textures possible with string instruments. The Marine Chamber Orchestra introduces a variety of fun and evocative chamber music, reinforces elements of basic string musicianship, and shows students what they can look forward to as they continue to explore their musical journey as a string musician.

  • LINKS: Video / Lesson PlansProgram

Why join Band, Orchestra, or Choir?

  • Looking to recruit students for your school's music programs? Let musicians of "The President's Own" tell your students about why they should consider joining band, orchestra or choir! In the video, our musicians explain what drew them to music and why they still perform today!

  • LINK: Video