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Prince Charming
Prince Charming March from The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa: Vol. 6


“Prince Charming” (1928)

Given the opportunity, Sousa would willingly conduct youth bands or orchestras, because youthful musicians were always close to his heart. In January, 1926, he directed a select orchestra of Los Angeles elementary school children. This so inspired him that he composed this march and dedicated it to the orchestra and its organizer, Jennie L. Jones. Two years later the orchestra had grown to 425 members, and they came on stage at a Sousa Band concert to serenade Sousa with their new march.

The identity of Prince Charming was never made public. Also, one Los Angeles newspaper referred to the composition as “March of the Sun,” another title yet to be explained.

Paul E. Bierley, The Works of John Philip Sousa (Westerville, Ohio: Integrity Press, 1984), 79. Used by permission.

*PLEASE NOTE: Not all marches from Volume 6 are in the public domain and have Marine Band editions. Recordings of non-PD marches are only available for streaming on YouTube. To purchase a published edition of this march, please visit the sheet music vendor of your choice.