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Liberty Loan March
Liberty Loan March from The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa: Vol. 5


Liberty Loan (1917)


At the request of William J. McAdoo, secretary of the treasury, and Charles H. Schweppe, one of the Liberty Loan directors, this march was written for the Fourth Liberty Loan campaign of World War I. It was later dedicated to the officers and men of the 40th United States Infantry. Its temporary popularity was partially dependent upon the “U.S. Field Artillery” march, with which it was paired on a Victor record. The Chicago Examiner printed the march with a request for verses. Dozens poured in, but as far as can be determined none was ever endorsed by Sousa.

Sousa struggled for some time before hitting upon suitable melodies for this march. The flash of inspiration came one night at a dinner in Kansas City, and he jotted the notes on his cuff. In a test of his endurance he developed the march by working in his hotel room until dawn for two nights and then on the train from Kansas City to Chicago.
Paul E. Bierley, The Works of John Philip Sousa (Westerville, Ohio: Integrity Press, 1984), 68. Used by permission.