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The Bicentennial Collection: Disc 8
Disc eight from the Marine Band's educational CD The Bicentennial Collection featuring Marine Band recordings conducted by composers Karel Husa, Michael Colgrass, and Warren Benson.
                    The Bicentennial Collection

Disc 8: Composers Conduct: Husa, Colgrass, Benson

Download CD Booklet PDF

1-3. Karel Husa

Concerto for Wind Ensemble

(Recorded 1984)

Karel Husa, conducting


1. Drum Ceremony


2. Elegy


3. Perpetual Motion

4-9. Michael Colgrass

Winds of Nagual

(Recorded 1986)

Michael Colgrass, conducting


4. The Desert


5. Carlos stares

at the Water


6. Gait of Power


7. Asking twilight for calmness and power


8. Juan Clowns

for Carlos


9. Last Conversation and Farewell

10. Warren Benson

Symphony No. 2, Lost Songs

(Recorded 1988)

Warren Benson, conducting