The Bicentennial Collection:
Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band
Col. John R. Bourgeois and
Lt. Col. Timothy W. Foley, conducting

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This unprecedented collection traces the recorded history of "The President's Own" from rare wax cylinders and early radio broadcasts to recent performances captured with the latest digital technology.

None of the recordings on the 10-CD set were previously released on compact disc and many are live recordings never previously released in any form.

CD 1 Early Acoustic Recordings
(Recorded 1889-1914)
CD 2 Acoustic Recordings (Recorded 1914-1923)
CD 3 Historic Soloists
CD 4

Historic Soloists (continued),

Taylor Branson (Recorded 1927-1940),
William F. Santelmann (Recorded 1940-1955)

CD 5 Albert F. Schoepper (Recorded 1955-1972),
Dale L. Harpham (Recorded 1972-1974)
CD 6 Jack T. Kline (Recorded 1974-1979),
John R. Bourgeois (Recorded 1979-1996)
CD 7  Timothy W. Foley (Recorded 1996-2004)
CD 8 Composers Conduct  
CD 9 Composers Conduct and Guest Conductors  
CD 10 Guest Conductors