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   The Bicentennial Collection

Disc 6: Jack T. Kline, John R. Bourgeois

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Jack T. Kline, conducting

1. Paul Hindemith

March from Symphonic Metamorphoses

(Recorded, 1974)

2. Hector Berlioz

Overture to Le Corsaire

(Recorded, 1975)


3. John Philip Sousa

March, “The Glory
of the Yankee Navy”

(Recorded, 1978)


4. Dmitri Shostakovich

Festive Overture,
Opus 96

(Recorded, 1978)

5. John Philip Sousa

March, "The Pride

of the Wolverines"

(Recorded, 1978)


John R. Bourgeois, conducting

6-8. H. Owen Reed La Fiesta Mexicana (Recorded, 1987)  

6. Prelude and Aztec Dance


7. Mass


8. Carnival

9. Johannes Halvorsen

Entry March of the Boyares

(Recorded, 1989)


10. John Philip Sousa

March, “The Liberty Bell”

(Recorded, 1983)


11. Julius Fucik

Florentiner March,
Opus 214

(Recorded, 1986)


12. Hector Berlioz

funèbre et triomphale

(Recorded, 1985)