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          The Bicentennial Collection

Disc 5: Albert F. Schoepper, Dale L. Harpham

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Albert F. Schoepper, conducting

1. Richard Wagner

Prelude to Act 3
and Bridal Chorus
from Lohengrin

(Recorded 1959)


2. Howard Hanson

Chorale and Alleluia

(Recorded 1960)

3. Leroy Anderson

“Bugler's Holiday”

(Recorded 1962)

4. Samuel Barber

Commando March

(Recorded 1962)

5. John Philip Sousa

March,“The Stars and Stripes

Forever” (Recorded 1962)


6. Edwin F. Goldman

March, “The Chimes of Liberty”

(Recorded 1962)


7. Charles Belsterling

March of the Steelmen

(Recorded 1962)

8. Henry Fillmore

March, “Man of the Hour”

(Recorded 1962)

9. Clifton Williams

Fanfare and Allegro

(Recorded 1963)

10. Karl King

March, “The Purple Pageant”

(Recorded 1968)


11. Sergei Prokofiev

Athletic Festival March,

Opus 69, No. 1

(Recorded 1970)


12. Giuseppe Verdi Overture to La Forza del destino (Recorded 1971)

Dale L. Harpham, conducting

13. Percy Grainger

“Molly on the Shore”

(Recorded 1958)


14-16. Paul Hindemith

Symphony in B-flat

for Concert Band

(Recorded 1958)


14. Moderately fast, with vigor


15. Andantino gracioso; Fast and gay


16. Fugue

17. John Philip Sousa March, “Hail to the Spirit
of Liberty” (Recorded 1972)


18. Claudio Grafulla March, “Washington Grays” (Recorded 1973)