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The Bicentennial Collection

Disc 10: Guest Conductors

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1. Gustav Holst Hammersmith, Prelude
and Scherzo, Opus 52 (1987)
2-4. Gustav Holst Suite No. 1 in E-flat (1997)  

2. Chaconne


3. Intermezzo


4. March


5. Ralph Vaughan Williams Toccata Marziale (1997)  
6. John Philip Sousa

March, “The Black Horse Troop”


Frederick Fennell, conducting

7. Arnold Schoenberg

Theme and Variations,
Opus 43a

(Recorded 1998)

Gunther Schuller, conducting

8. Percy Grainger

Colonial Song (Recorded 1998)

Timothy Reynish, conducting


9. Leonard B. Smith

"Music Festival" (Recorded 1978)

Leonard B. Smith, conducting

10. W. Paris Chambers

March, "The Boys of the Old Brigade" (Recorded 1989)

George W. Wilson, conducting


11. Kenneth Alford March, "H. M. Jollies"  
12-16. Gordon Jacob

Music for a Festival

LtCol John Ware, conducting


12. Intrada


13. Overture


14. Round of Seven Parts


15. Air


16. Finale