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The Bicentennial Collection

Disc 3: Historic Soloists

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1. Kent Kennan “Night Soliloquy”
Donald Peck, flute (Recorded 1953)
2. Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

“Flight of the Bumblebee”

clarinet section

(Recorded 1959)

3. Luigi Bassi

Fantasie on Themes
from Verdi's Rigoletto

Harold Malsh, clarinet soloist
(Recorded 1960)


4. Joseph
de Luca

“Beautiful Colorado”

Kenneth Douse,
alto saxophone

(Recorded 1948)

5. Enrico Toselli


Kenneth Douse,
alto saxophone

(Recorded 1932)


6. Thomas V. Short Cornet duet,
"Short and Sweet" Polka
(Recorded 1891)


7. Edward Llewellyn

Premier Polka

Arthur Witcomb, cornet
(Recorded 1910)


8. Camille Saint-Saëns

“My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice” from Samson et Dalila

Arthur Witcomb, cornet

(Recorded 1915)


9. Winfred Kemp

Fantasia Capriccioso

Winfred Kemp, cornet

(Recorded c.1934)


10. Edward L. Masters

“La Joya”

Edward Masters, cornet

(Recorded c.1947)


11. Herbert L. Clarke

“Stars in a Velvety Sky”
Robert deHart, cornet

(Recorded c.1950)


12. Arthur F. Tate

“Somewhere a Voice is Calling”

Robert deHart, cornet

(Recorded c.1950)


13. Vincent Bach

Hungarian Melodies

Charles Erwin, cornet

(Recorded 1959)


14. Del Staigers

“Carnival of Venice”

Fredric Erdman, cornet

(Recorded 1958)

15. Simone Mantia

“All Those Endearing Young Charms”

Arthur Lehman, euphonium

(Recorded 1957)


16. Arthur Pryor


Dale Harpham, trombone

(Recorded 1953)

17. Arthur Pryor

“Thoughts of Love”

Robert Isele, trombone

(Recorded 1952)


18. Samuel Rousseau

Piece Concertante

Robert Isele, trombone

(Recorded 1959)


19. Arthur Pryor

“Annie Laurie”

James Erdman, trombone

(Recorded 1965)