From the Keyboard
The Marine Band's 29th educational recording From the Keyboard
From the Keyboard 

Col. Michael J. Colburn, Director

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1. Johann Sebastian Bach/trans. Nowlin* Toccata and Fugue in D Minor  Download
2.-5. David Rakowski
transcribed for the Marine Band by the composer
Sibling Revelry  
    2. Zipper Tango  
    3. Strident  
    4. Bop It  
    5. Moody's Blues  
6. Sergei Rachmaninoff/trans. Lavender Lento Assai from Symphonic Dances  
7. Claude Debussy/trans. M. Patterson The Engulfed Cathedral  
8.-22. Modest Mussorgsky
orch. Ravel/trans. Lavender
Pictures at an Exhibition  
    8.1 Promenade  
    9.2 "The Gnome"  
    10.3 Promenade  
    11.4 "The Old Castle"   
    12.5 Promenade   
    13.6 "Tuileries" (Children Quarreling after Play  
    14.7 "Bydlo" (Cattle)  
    15.8 Promenade  
    16.9 "Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks"  
    17.10 "Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle"  
    18.11 "Limoges. The Marketplace" (Important News)  
    19.12 "Catacombs" (A Roman Sepulchre)  
    20.13 With the Dead in a Dead Language  
    21.14 "The Hut on Hen's Legs" (Baba-Yaga)  
    22.15 "The Great Gate of Kiev"