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32 Marches. 4 Weeks. 1 Champion.

The Mania Begins March 1, 2022.

“Sousa’s March Mania” is an annual competition in which students and fans around the globe rally behind their favorite marches as they advance through a series of match-ups and onto a championship game. Each day two marches compete head-to-head, while votes for the favorite march determines which one advances to the next round. The 2022 edition of March Mania will be a dogfight like no other! Which marches will make it through the Sousa’s Sixteen, Enlisted Eight, and Fidelis Four to the final round? That’s for you to decide.

Participants in this event are encouraged to fill out a bracket before the competition begins and try to predict the champion. Anyone who predicts the final champion prior to the first match will be crowned an honorary "March King!"

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2022 March Mania Champion Reveal
Match Results

2022 March Mania Playlist
  • Final Match

    GAME 31: March 31

    by Staff Sgt. Parker Gaims


    by Julius Fucik

    19,744 to 14,378
March mania update