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The Music Lover's Grainger
Album No. 27 | Recorded 2010


Album Playlist


About the Album

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1-6. Lincolnshire Posy (edited by Frederick Fennel)

1. "Lisbon" (Sailor's Song)            

2. "Horkstow Grange" (The Miser and his Man: A local Tragedy)  

3. "Rufford Park Poachers" (Poaching Song)         

4. "The Brisk Young Sailor" (who returned to wed his True Love) 

5. "Lord Melbourne" (War Song)

6. "The Lost Lady Found" (Dance Song)

transcribed by MSgt. Donald Patterson* (world premiere recording of this transcription)

7. "I'm Seventeen Come Sunday"              

8. "Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon" (text by Robert Burns, world premiere recording of this version)

9. "Spoon River" (setting by Percy Grainger, edited by William S. Carson and Alan Naylor, world premiere recording of this edition)

10-13. Danish Folk-Music Suite (arranged by Joseph Kreines, edited by MSgt. Donald Patterson*)

10. "The Power of Love"              

11. "Lord Peter's Stable-Boy"      

12. "The Nightingale and the Two Sisters"            

13. "Jutish Medley"        

14. County Derry Air, BFMS 29 (world premiere recording of this version)              

15. "Molly on the Shore" (edited by Larry Clark)

16. "The Widow's Party" (edited by Barry Peter Ould, text by Rudyard Kipling)

17. Marching Song of Democracy (edited by Keith Brion)

18. "The Lost Lady Found" (band version)


*Member, U.S. Marine Band