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Picture Studies
The Marine Band's 32nd educational recording Picture Studies


Album Playlist

Picture Studies
Lt. Col. Jason K. Fettig, Director

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1. David Conte
trans. Capt. Ryan Nowlin*
A Copland Portait

2. Ottorino Respighi
Huntingtower Ballad   
3-12. Adam Schoenberg
trans. Master Gunnery 
Sgt. Donald Patterson*
Picture Studies (2012)

    3. Intro Download
    4. Three Pierrots Download

5. Repetition Download 
    6. Olive Orchard Download

7.Kandinsky Download
    8. Calder's World Download
    9. Miro
Master Sgt. Michelle Urzynicock, 
E-flat clarinet soloist
    10. Interlude Download
    11. Cliffs of Moher Download
    12. Pigeons in Flight Download 

13. Joel Puckett It perched for Vespers nine (2008)         

14-20 Dmitri Schostakovich
trans. Master Gunnery
Sgt. Donald Patterson*
Suite from The Gadfly  

    15. Folk Festival  

16. Introduction (Prelude)  
17. Waltz "Barrel-Organ"  
    18. Romance
Staff Sgt. Karen Johnson, violin soloist
    19. Scene   
    20. Finale   
   *Member, U.S. Marine Band