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Music from the Land of Hope and Glory
Album No. 28 | Recorded 2008


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1. Sir William Walton (trans. Patterson*): Scapino, A Comedy Overture

2-7. Gordon Jacob: William Bird Suite

2. The Earle of Oxford's March

3. Pavana

4. Jhon come kisse me now

5. The Mayden's Song

6. Wolsey's Wilde

7. The Bells

8. Gustav Holst: Prelude and Scherzo, Hammersmith, Opus 52

9. Ralph Vaughan Williams (trans. Colburn*): Scherzo and Finale from Symphony No. 4 in F minor

10-14. Sir Edward Elgar (trans. Winterbottom): The Crown of India, Opus 66

10. Introduction and Dance from Nautch Girls

11. Menuetto

12. Warriors' Dance

13. Intermezzo

14. March of the Mogul Emperors


*Member, U.S. Marine Band