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Morton Gould: An American Salute
Album No. 28 | Recorded 2012


Album Playlist

About the Album

As we approach the one hundredth anniversary of Morton Gould’s birth, it seems an appropriate time to honor his legacy. The possibilities for such an homage are seemingly endless, but we have chosen to focus on two aspects of Gould’s contributions: his unforgettable patriotic miniatures and his original band compositions. In both arenas, he has left a body of work that should be enjoyed for generations to come, and we hope this recording will promote awareness of this great American composer.


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1. "American Salute" (trans. Philip Lang)

2. Jericho Rhapsody

3. March of the Leathernecks (trans. Philip Lang)

4. "Yankee Doodle" (setting by Morton Gould, trans. Philip Lang)         

5. Ballad for Band

6. "Dixie" (attributed to Daniel Dacatur Emmett, setting by Morton Gould)

7. Santa Fe Saga

8. Saratoga Quickstep

9-10. Symphony for Band, West Point

9. Epitaphs

10. Marches