Live in Concert
Marine Band educational CD featuring music performed live during concerts by the band.
Live in Concert

Lt. Col. Timothy W. Foley, Director

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1. Gustav Holst/
trans. Gordon Jacob
Moorside March
from A Moorside Suite
2. Hector Berlioz/ trans. Gunther Schuller The Corsair Overture,
Opus 21
3-5. Ralph Vaughan Williams English Folk Song Suite  
  3. March, "Seventeen Come Sunday"  
4. Intermezzo, "My Bonny Boy"
5. March, "Folk Songs from Somerset"  
6. Charles Ives/
Kenneth Singleton
Postlude in F  
7. Tristan Keuris Catena: Refrains and Variations for 31 Wind Instruments and Percussion (1988)  
8-12. Darius Milhaud Suite française, Opus 248  
  8. Normandie  
9. Bretagne  
10. Ile de France  
11. Alsace - Lorraine  
12. Provence  
13. Adam Gorb "Awayday"  
14. Gioachino Rossini/
rescored by William A. Schaefer
Scherzo for Band  
15. Julius Fucik March, "Entry of the Gladiators," Opus 68


16. Henry Fillmore March, "The Circus Bee"


17. John Philip Sousa/ed. Frank Byrne March, "Nobles of the Mystic Shrine"