Flourishes and Meditations

Col. Michael J. Colburn, Director

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Recently, the Marine Band discovered a technical error with the CD “Flourishes and Meditations” that precludes the recording from playing some or all tracks using certain media software on a PC, including Windows Media Player, iTunes (PC only), and foobar2000.  Alternative free media software for PC users that will play the CD includes RealPlayer®, VLC media player, and Exact Audio Copy. Media software on a Mac, such as iTunes, plays the CD in its entirety. The recording plays in a standalone CD player. The Marine Band apologizes for any inconvenience and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Marine Band Public Affairs Office at (202) 433-5809.


PC users: To download files, right click on the "download" link, then click "Save Target As." When you are prompted to save, choose a location on your computer and save the audio file. Mac users: To download files, hold down the control key and click on the "download" link to save the audio file to your computer.


Michael Gandolfi

Flourishes and Meditations on a Renaissance Theme (2010)



(high resolution WAV file)

2. - 5.

Percy Grainger/ trans. Patterson*

In a Nutshell
(click to download sheet music)
  2. Arrival Platform Humlet


3. "Gay but Wistful"


4. Pastoral Download
5. "The Gum-Suckers" March Download
6. Scott Lindroth Passage (2010)  
7. - 9.

Gustav Holst/ trans. Harpham*

Suite from The Perfect Fool, Opus 39

  7. Dance of the Spirits of Earth Download
8. Dance of the Spirits of Water Download
9. Dance of the Spirits of Fire  

William Bolcom

First Symphony for Band (2008)  
  10. O tempora o mores  

11. Scherzo tenebroso

SSgt Amy McCabe, cornet soloist

12. Andantino pastorale  
13. Marches funeraires et dansantes