Family Album

Lt. Col. Michael J. Colburn, Director

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1 Aaron Copland An Outdoor Overture  
2. Scott Lindroth "Spin Cycle" (2001)



John Williams /

ed. Bulla

Prelude and Fugue


4-15. Walter Piston / trans. Patterson Suite from The Incredible Flutist  
  4. Introduction: Siesta in the Market place  
5. Entrance of the Vendors  
6. Entrance of the Customers  
7. Tango of the Merchant's Daughters  
8. Arrival of the Circus  
9. Circus March  
10. The Flutist  
11. Minuet  
12. Spanish Waltz  
13. Eight o'clock Strikes  
14. Siciliana  
15. Polka Finale  
16. Michael Gandolfi

Vientos y Tangos

17-21 Morton Gould Family Album Suite  
    17. Outing in the Park  
    18. Porch Swing on a Summer Evening  
    19. Nickelodeon  
    20. Old Romance  
    21. Horseless Carriage Galop