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Director's Choice
Album No. 15 | Recorded 1995


Album Playlist

Director's Choice

Col. John R. Bourgeois, Director

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1. Hector Berlioz/
trans. Howard Bowlin
Marche Hongroise from La damnation
de Faust
, Opus 24



2. Richard Wagner/
John Philip Sousa
Overture to Tannhäuser
(click to download sheet music)



3. George Whitefield Chadwick/trans. Howard Bowlin "Jubilee" from Symphonic Sketches
(click for sheet music)


4-7. Boris Kozhevnikov/
John R. Bourgeois
Symphony No. 3, Slavyanskaya  
  4. 1. Allegro  
5. 2. Waltz  
6. 3. Scherzo  
7. 4. Allegro  
8. Enrique Granados/
adapted by
John R. Bourgeois
from Goyescas



9-12. Ottorino Respighi/
trans. Duker
The Pines of Rome  
  9. 1. The Pines
of the Villa Borghese
10. 2. The Pines Near a Catacomb  
11. 3. The Pines
of the Janiculum
12. 4. The Pines
of the Appian Way

Please Note: This recording is no longer available. If your local library receives Marine Band recordings, this disc may be available in its music collection.