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Courtly Dances
Album No. 14 | Recorded 1994


Album Playlist

Courtly Dances

Col. John R. Bourgeois, Director

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Bedrich Smetana/

trans. Jack T. Kline

Three Dances from The Bartered Bride (click to download sheet music)  
  1. Polka


2. Furiant


3. Dance of Comedians


4. Louis Moreau Gottschalk/
trans. Erik Leidzén
5. Giamcomo Meyerbeer/ scored by Wilhelm Wieprecht Fackeltanz No. 1
in B-flat


6. Scott Joplin
and Scott Hayden
Colonel John R. Bourgeois
Sunflower Slow Drag


7. Benjamin Britten/
trans. Jan Bach
The Courtly Dances from Gloriana,
Opus 53a
8. Igor Stravinsky/
Thomas Knox
Infernal Dance
of Kastchei
from The Firebird


9. Percy Grainger/
John Philip Sousa
“Country Gardens”


10-14. Benjamin Britten/
Thomas Knox
Matinées musicales (after Rossini),
Opus 24
  10. 1. March  
11. 2. Nocturne  
12. 3. Waltz  
13. 4. Pantomime  
14. 5. Moto perpetuo  
15. John Philip Sousa “With Pleasure” (Dance Hilarious)


16. Jerónimo Giménez El baile de Luis Alonso  
17. Richard Strauss/
trans. Mark Hindsley
Dance of the Seven Veils from Salome