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Aspire: "The President's Own" at 225 - Vol. 2
Album No. 39 | Released 2023 Volume 2: United States Marine Chamber Orchestra


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About the Album

Aspire: "The President's Own" at 225 - Volume 2: United States Marine Chamber Orchestra

Although “The President’s Own” is among the most iconic military and symphonic bands in the world, the organization has included string players among its ranks since its earliest days. Many of the Marine Band’s Directors over the centuries have been primarily violinists, including John Philip Sousa. Going back as far as the early nineteenth century, wind and brass players in the band played multiple instruments including strings. This versatility allowed the ensemble to transform depending on its musical demands. The ability to provide string ensembles was especially important at the White House, where wind, brass, and percussion instruments might prove too loud for certain events.

This important aspect of the organization’s musical capabilities continues to this day, through its small orchestra of professional string players known as the Marine Chamber Orchestra. These musicians still provide much of the music performed inside the White House, while also evolving into one of the finest chamber orchestras in the nation, giving regular public concerts and collaborating with world-class artists. The three new American works on this album celebrate the unique artistic identity of the ensemble today. Each was commissioned for and premièred by the Marine Chamber Orchestra with the guest soloists featured on these debut recordings.

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1–4. Zhou Tian: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

1. Irises
2. Capriccio
3. Arioso
4. Toccata
Mimi Stillman, soloist

5–8. Joel Puckett: There Was a Child Went Forth

5. There was a child
6. The early lilacs
7. And his parents
8. The village on the highland
Nicholas Phan, tenor soloist

9–11. Jacob Bancks: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

9. Unruly
10. Tender
11. Defiant
Ricardo Morales, soloist