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Aspire: "The President's Own" at 225 - Vol. 1
Album No. 39 | Released 2023


Album Playlist


About the Album

Aspire: "The President's Own" at 225 - Volume 1: United States Marine Band

On July 11, 1798, President John Adams signed an Act of Congress re-establishing the United States Marine Corps after it was briefly disbanded following the American Revolution. In that act was a provision for thirty-two fifers and drummers along with a Fife and a Drum Major to lead them. This was the genesis of the United States Marine Band. Soon after its founding, the band expanded well beyond its original charter for ceremonial music, playing for social functions and presenting public concerts for the citizens. When the fledging ensemble moved from Philadelphia to Washington DC, the nation’s new capital, the band began providing music at the President’s new executive mansion, a duty that would become its central mission.

After 225 years, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band remains the oldest continuously active professional music organization in the nation and has evolved into a multi-faceted and diverse musical ensemble. It has long served as a leader in both preserving the sacred artistic traditions of the past as well as pushing the state of the art ever forward in America. The collection of music on this commemorative double album reflects a melding of that special musical charge. All the works included in this recording were written or arranged for “The President’s Own” and serve as a colorful portrait of a singular institution after more than two centuries of service to our nation.

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1. Peter Boyer: Fanfare, Hymn and Finale

2. Jessica Meyer: Press On

3–5. Sir William Walton (trans. Donald Patterson*): Partita

3.    Toccata Brioso
4.    Pastorale sicilana: Andante comodo
5.    Giga burlesca: Allegro gioviale

6. Jennifer Higdon: Aspire

7–9. Jonathan Leshnoff: Symphony for Winds

7.    Fast and Intense
8.    Speedy Winds
9.    Slow, “All the Starry Band”


*Member, U.S. Marine Band