Col. Jason K. Fettig, Director

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1-2. Johann Sebastian Bach
arr. Edward Elgar
trans. Capt. Ryan Nowlin*
Fantasia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 537

3-6. Gustav Holst
Suite in F for Military Band, Opus 28, No. 2  
  ed. Colin Matthews 3. March  

4. Song without Words, "I'll love my love"  
    5. Song of the Blacksmith
    6. Fantasia on the "Dargason"

7-9. Jonathan Leshnoff
Clarinet Concerto, Nekudim (2015)

Symphonic wind transcription
7. Slow
  made by the composer
8. Chesed, Fast
    9. Slow
Ricardo Morales, guest soloist


10. Joseph Schwantner and the mountains rising nowhere

11-13. James Stephenson Symphony No. 2, Voices (2016)  

11. Prelude: Of Passion

12. Shouts and Murmurs  
    13. Of One  

   *Member, U.S. Marine Band    

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