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"The President's Own"


"The President's Own"

United States Marine Band

Colonel Jason K. Fettig, Director
Sousa's March Mania

32 Marches. 4 Weeks. 1 Champion. 
The Mania Begins March 4, 2019

From March 4-April 3, “The President’s Own” will host “Sousa’s March Mania,” a competition pitting 32 marches against each other in a battle for the 2019 title. Each day two marches will compete head-to-head, while your vote for the favorite march determines which one advances to the next round. This year’s March Mania will be a dogfight like no other! Which marches will make it through the Sousa’s Sixteen, Enlisted Eight, and Fidelis Four to the final round? That’s for you to decide.


Participants in this event are encouraged to fill out a bracket before the competition begins to see if they can predict the 2019 winner. The champion march will be announced on April 4, and anyone with the winning march on their bracket, completed prior to the first match, will be crowned an honorary "March King!”


On this webpage, you can download the official tournament bracket, listen to the competing marches, and cast votes for your favorites. Completed brackets can be shared with the Marine Band by emailing them to marineband.communication@usmc.mil or posting to facebook.com/marineband.

March Mania Matches



WINNER (The Stars and Stripes Forever): 4.430 to 3,973




WINNER (The Stars and Stripes Forever): 2,022 to 1,442



WINNER (The Circus Bee): 2,354 to 2,207







WINNER (The Circus Bee): 1,018 to 914



WINNER (The Stars and Stripes Forever): 558 to 296



WINNER (Valdres): 828 to 445





WINNER (The Diplomat): 70,246 to 4,976




WINNER (Circus Bee): 21,453 to 13,963




WINNER (Stars and Stripes Forever): 2,702 to 2,657




WINNER (Valdres): 1,214 to 469




WINNER (Semper Fidelis): 715 to 667




WINNER (King Cottton): 1,725 to 802



WINNER (Oh, Henry!): 2,769 to 909




WINNER (National Emblem): 2,285 to 774





WINNER (Commando March): 30,393 to 18,853    






WINNER (American Patrol): 17,343 to 16,603




WINNER (Stars and Stripes Forever): 6,695 to 2,000




WINNER (Valdres): 36,122 to 26,176




WINNER: (The Diplomat): 15,263 to 8,285






WINNER: (The Circus Bee): 17,219 to 14,374




WINNER: (The Liberty Bell): 54,908 to 26,507





WINNER: (The Thunderer): 14,787 to 7732





WINNER: (Semper Fidelis): 136,798 to 77,927





WINNER: (King Cotton): 26,866 to 2,041






WINNER: (Review): 24,815 to 19,471






WINNER: (Sons of Uncle Sam): 31,775 to 29,240






WINNER: (Defenders of Freedom): 63,209 to 37,068





WINNER: (Guide Right): 55,650 to 2,735





WINNER: (Oh, Henry!): 23,673 to 40,120





WINNER: (National Emblem): 41,996 to 8,046



Game results

2019 March Mania Bracket
Educational Resources

Is your school participating in Sousa’s March Mania? It’s a great addition to your curriculum and encourages participation by your students by listening to and learning about several different marches and voting for the favorites. If you are interested in receiving supplemental resources for your students, such as the custom buttons pictured at left, please complete the form at this link: http://goo.gl/forms/tXt4xXzghz  (available while supplies last)                      


Complete March Mania Playlist on YouTube


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