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"The President's Own"


"The President's Own"

United States Marine Band

Colonel Jason K. Fettig, Director
2015 Alumni Event

Welcome Back Marine Band Alumni!
July 14-16, 2015

RSVP Deadline to perform: June 15
RSVP Deadline for the reception: July 6

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you. Our first alumni event was held in August 2010, and we plan to continue the tradition every five years. The event is open to anyone who served in the Marine Band, no matter how long. If you were a playing member of the band, you are invited to perform in the Alumni Band. If you do not wish to perform, we encourage you to still take part in the rehearsal, concert, reception, and the various outings we have planned for the week.

Step 1: Complete the RSVP Form (posted in the panel on the right) and e-mail it to GySgt Amanda Simmons at amanda.simmons@usmc.mil or fax (202) 433-4752. Amanda will confirm receipt.

Performers: The first rehearsal for the Alumni Band will be on Tuesday, July 14. Two concerts of the same program will be held on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol and Thursday at the Sylvan Theater. Everyone who wishes to play can. You must use your own instrument. If participation is high in your section, we will rotate players. Music will be provided via e-mail from the Marine Band Library. The program will be conducted by Col. Bourgeois, Col. Colburn, and Maj. Burian.  Attire for the event will be black pants and a white collared shirt. Part assignments will be made around June 15 and the music will be e-mailed to you. For the program, click here

Reception: In 2010 interest was much larger than we expected. Due to the size of our group we need to hold the reception off site and have it catered. This will include a buffet dinner, tea/coffee, and dessert. The cost is $50 per person. Payment details were provided via e-mail.  

Accommodations: A block of rooms has been reserved under the group name “Marine Band Alumni” at the Courtyard by Marriott Capitol Hill/Navy Yard located at 140 L Street SE Washington, DC 20003. Cost is $162/night. You can book via the link above or by calling 1-866-329-0003. This rate is only guaranteed until June 12. This is the closest hotel to the Marine Barracks Annex.  ***Update June 4*** the hotel is sold out.

Directions to Marine Barracks Annex, click here.


 Tuesday, July 14 Wednesday, July 15 Thursday, July 16 
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Check in and Barracks Tours

1 p.m. Rehearsal
10 a.m. rehearsal at Sousa Hall (Annex) 10 a.m. depart for
National Museum
of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Va. Transportation
provided from the Annex 
6-10 p.m. Reception at the
Catering and Conference Center at the Washington Navy Yard.
8 p.m. Concert at the U.S. Capitol, West Terrace  8 p.m. Concert at the Sylvan Theater


Contact Amanda at (202) 433-5814 or amanda.simmons@usmc.mil

Registered Attendees
*John Bourgeois (1958-96) (also French horn/arranger)
*Michael Colburn (1987-2014) (also euphonium)

Assistant Director
*Dennis Burian (1969-2001) (also clarinet)

Operations Officer
William Perry (1984-2013)

Drum Major
John Lee (1989-94)

*Cynthia Rugolo (1993-2013)

Michael Bowser (1963-84)
*Davd Gilbert (1959-63)
*Gail Gillespie (1979-2009)

Oboe/English horn
*Richard Anderson (1957-61)
*Mark Christianson (1988-2009)
*Dorothy Darlington (1981-87)
*James Dickey (1977-2005)
*Elizabeth Schaefer (1973-2002)
*Ken Watson (1974-76)

E-flat Clarinet
*Jeffrey Tomecek (1976-83)

*Richard Alt (1975-79)
Robert Cassel (1980-97)
Thomas Harman (1967-88)
*Frederick Lemmons (1988-09) (also Operations) 
*Stephen Loew (1976-89)
*John Norton (1989-2014)
Vincent (James) Ognibene (1971-75)
*Merlin Petroff (1967-71, 1975-92)
*Pasquale (Pat) Pulvirenti (1945-75)
*Randall Riffle (1988-2013)
*Jerry Rodgers (1967-88)
*Olive Wagner (1980-2006)
*John Wojcik (1974-91)

Bass Clarinet
*Barbara Haney (1983-2006)

*Richard Polonchak (1972-79)

*David Gerwig (1967-71)
*Pasquale Marino (1976-2000)
*Irvin Peterson (1977-2007)
Vince Patterson (1974-91)

Terrance Detwiler (1967-92)
*Kenneth Emenheiser (1957-79)
Frederic Erdman (1955-85)
*Timothy Erdman (1970-79)
*Neil Holliker (1964-68)
*Michael Galloway (1968-72)
*Bruce Gittinger (1971-97)
Darrell Grabau (1975-99)
*James May (1969-75)
*Jennifer Marotta (2001-05)
*Barry Stoner (1976-92)
Roger Stoner (1968-72)
*Nancy Taylor (1990-98)
*John Wright (1967-97)

French Horn
James Basta (1956-76)
*Carl (Jeff) Bianchi (1964-68)
Karl Glenn (1959-63)
*Ricardo Hernandez (1982-92)
*Jeff Johnson (1974-80)
*Bill Kuyper (1961-65)
Ruth Johnson Kline (1973-81)
*David Phillips (1976-80)
*Cheryle Sager (1980-2000)
*John Troxel (1984-2014)
*Roger Whitworth (1977-88)

*James Erdman (1956-76)
*Phil Franke (1981-2012) (also Euphonium)
Roy Guenther (1968-72)
*Albert Johnson (1956-80)
*John Schaefer (1970-2001)

Bass Trombone
Patrick Corbett (1988-2008)
William Richardson (1966-70)
*Barney McCollum (1980-88)
Thomas Wilson (1971-2000)

*Glenn Call (1976-81)
Steve Kellner (1980-2004)
*Mark Larson (1981-87)
*Loren Marsteller (1968-71)

*Eliot (Ike) Evans (1970-98)
Richard Foley (1959-76)
*Ronal Foster (1972-94)
Joe Hanchrow (1958-62) (also Double Bass)
*Ronald Haney (1972-2002)
*Tom Holtz (1991-20012)
*Thomas Lyckberg (1968-2000)
*Andrew Stengrevics (1970-74)

*Matthew Becker (1978-98)
*Jeffrey Gilliam (1977-97)
*Andrew Linden (1975-98) (also Public Affairs)
*Donald Spinelli (1987-2007)
Wayne Webster (1971-97)

Susan Franke (1981-2005)

Linda Kapusciarz (1975-89)

Double Bass

*Paul Sciomonelli (1969-73)
David Wundrow (1956-94) (also Tuba)

Phyllis Mauney (1978-98)

Kent Ashcraft (1979-99)

Thomas Lee (1966-90)
Anthony Matarrese (1954-73) (also Percussion)

*Michael Ryan (1970-2000)

Tracey Shofer (1975-96)
(also Drum Major, Library)

Public Affairs
Jim Arnold (1995-98)
Nancy Colburn (1988-92)
Susan Manus (1989-95)

Kathy Allen (1984-2004)
Dale Allen (1983-2006) (also Euphonium)
Susan Bour (1981-2001)
Mark Elrod (1974-78)
Michael Ressler (1974-2013) (also Euphonium)

Ted Toulouse (2005-12)

* = performing

Complete this form and e-mail it to amanda.simmons@usmc.mil or fax to 202-433-4752.