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2022 Alumni Event

Welcome Back Alumni!
June 21-23, 2022

RSVP Deadline to perform: May 20
RSVP Deadline for the reception: June 13

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you! The event is open to anyone who served in "The President's Own," no matter how long. If you were a playing member, you are invited to perform in the Alumni Band or Alumni Chamber Orchestra. If you do not wish to perform, we encourage you to still take part in the rehearsal, concert, reception, and the tours we have planned for the week.

Step 1: Complete the RSVP Form.

Performers: The first rehearsals for the Alumni Band and Orchestra will be on Tuesday, June 21. Two band concerts of the same program will be held on Wednesday and Thursday (sites TBD) and one concert for the orchestra will be held at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on Thursday June 23. You must use your own instrument. If participation is high in your section, we will rotate players. Music will be provided via e-mail from the Marine Band Library. Attire for the concerts will be black pants and a white collared shirt. Music will be emailed the week of May 16.

Reception/Picnic: This year the party will be held on the Annex field. It will be a catered, sit-down event under a tent. Price will not exceed $30 per person. Payment details will be emailed closer to the event.   

Courtyard Marriott Capitol Hill/Navy Yard
Hampton Inn Navy Yard
Residence Inn Navy Yard
Homewood Suites Navy Yard
Thompson Washington, D.C.
Capitol Skyline 

Directions to Marine Barracks Annex, click here.

Questions? Contact Amanda Simmons at (202) 433-5814 or


 Tuesday, June 21

Wednesday, June 22

Thursday, June 23

Check in at the Annex.
Barracks Tours

Orchestra rehearsal in Santelmann Hall

Band rehearsal in Sousa Hall


Reception/Picnic on Annex Field. 

Band rehearsal in Sousa Hall

Orchestra Rehearsal in Santelmann Hall

Band concert National Harbor

Depart for tour of National
Museum of the Marine Corps
in Triangle, Va.
Transportation provided from the Annex 

Chamber Orchestra Concert
at the National Museum of
the Marine Corps  

Band Concert livestreamed in Sousa Hall













*John Bourgeois (1958-96)
*Michael Colburn (1987-2014)

Executive Assistant to the Director
John Barclay (1988-2018)

Operations Officer
Joseph Hurley (1983-2003)
William Perry (1984-2013)

*Gail Gillespie (1979-2009)

Oboe/English Horn
*Dorothy Darlington (1981-87)
*Mark Christianson (1988-2009)
Elizabeth Schaefer (1973-2002)
*Ken Watson (1974-76)

B-Flat Clarinet
*Richard Alt (1975-79)
*Jihoon Chang (1990-2016)
*Frederick Lemmons (1988-2009)
*Stephen Lowe (1976-89)
Jack Norton (1989-2014)
*Tracey Paddock (1999-2020)
*Liz Matera (1990-2017)
Dennis McKinsey (1965-69)
Jan Murphy (1989-2015)
*Randall Riffle (1988-2013)
*Olive Wagner (1980-2006)
Chuck Willett (1989-2019)
*John Wojcik (1974-91)

Bass Clarinet
*Barb Haney (1983-2006)
*Jay Niepoetter (1988-2016)

Roger Kantner (1987-2015)
*Richard Polonchak (1972-79)

Vince Patterson (1974-91)
*Irv Peterson (1977-2007)

*Mike Galloway (1968-72)
*Bruce Gittinger (1971-91)
*David Haglund (1992-2017)
*Neil Holliker (1964-68)
*Michael Mergen (1999-2020)
*Andy Schuller (1986-2016) 
Roger Stoner (1968-72)
*John Wright (1967-97)

French Horn
Kristin Davidson (1993-2013)
Don Dosch (1975-2001)
*Ricardo Hernandez (1982-92)
*Amy Horn (1987-2016)
*Bill Kuyper (1961-65)
*Jeffrey Bianchi (1964-68)
*Roger Whitworth (1977-88)

* = Performing

*Bryan Bourne (1984-2003)
*Jim Erdman (1956-75)
Roy Guenther (1968-72)
*James McNair (1994-95)
*Donald Patterson (1991-2021)
*John Schaefer (1970-2001)

Bass Trombone
*Barney McCullum (1980-88)

*Glenn Call (1976-81)
*Phil Franke (1981-2012)
*Loren Marsteller (1968-71)
*Don Palmire (1987-91)

*John Cradler (1989-2019)
*Eliot Evans (1970-98)
Ronal Foster (1972-1994)
*Tom Holtz (1991-2012)

*John Beck (1983-87)
*Matthew Becker (1978-98)
*Jeffrey Gilliam (1977-97)
*Brenda Weckerly (1994-98)

Claudia Chudacoff (1991-2015)
Donna Willingham (1989-2011)
*Peter Wilson (1990-2020)

Double Bass
*Paul Scimonelli (1969-74)

Tom Lee (1990-96)

Kent Ashcraft (1979-1999)

Concert Moderator/Vocalist
*Michael Ryan (1970-2000)

Dale Allen (1983-2006)
Kathy Allen (1984-2004)
Susan Bour (1981-2001)
Michael Ressler (1974-2013)

Public Affairs
James Arnold (1995-98)
Nancy Colburn (1988-92)
Heidi Schuller (1990-94)

Recording Engineer
Rodney Brown (1971-79)

Zoraida Rodriguez-Keeton (2005-2020)