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March Mania Moves into the Round of “Sousa’s Sixteen”

By by Staff Sgt. Brian Rust | United States Marine Band | March 30, 2016


“Sousa’s March Mania” recently completed its first round sending 16 winners into the “Sousa’s Sixteen” round, and 16 losers back to the shelves with hopes for next year. The final two matches of the first round both contained huge wins for “The March King,” with his “Globe and Eagle” completely dominating  the traditional “The White Cockade” 370 to 160, and “The Thunderer” rumbling over President Garfield’s Inauguration March 443 to 155. The first matchup of the “Sousa’s Sixteen” round featured the 2015 March Mania winner Valdres going up against Sousa’s popular “The Liberty Bell.” The Norwegian march reigned triumphant again, silencing “The Liberty Bell” with a win of 445 to 380, and moving forward into the round of the “Enlisted Eight.” However, three of Sousa’s other marches fared better and defeated their rivals to join Valdres in the “Enlisted Eight:” “Semper Fidelis,” “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” and “The Washington Post.” Julius Fucik’s “Entry of the Gladiators,” John Klohr’s “The Billboard March,” and Johannes Halvorsen’s Entry March of the Boyares all bested their counterparts as well to move on in the competition. The tournament is getting more intense and the competition has never been tougher as March Mania now prepares to move into the third round, the “Enlisted Eight.” Make sure to cast your vote and help your favorite marches progress in the tournament!

“Sousa’s March Mania” will continue with new matches every day through April 6. Participants can visit the Marine Band website to listen to the competing marches, download and print a tournament bracket, and vote for favorites. Participants are also invited to share completed brackets with the Marine Band at facebook.com/marineband or marineband.publicaffairs@usmc.mil.

At the end of the tournament, anyone with a perfect bracket will be a winner of “Sousa’s March Mania” and will be named a “March King” for a day!

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