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Colonel Jason K. Fettig, Director
Sousa's March Mania

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The mania begins Feb. 26, 2018

When it comes to the historical knowledge and performance of marches, the United States Marine Band is your prime resource, especially for marches written by John Philip Sousa. From February 26-March 28, “The President’s Own” will host “Sousa’s March Mania,” a tournament pitting 32 marches against each other for the Marine Band online community to determine which one is the favorite. Every day through March 28, marches will compete head to head while our friends and fans vote which marches advance in the tournament. You can visit the Marine Band website to listen to the competing marches, download a tournament bracket, and vote for your favorites. The champion march will be announced on March 29. At the end of the competition, anyone with the winning march on their bracket, completed prior to the first match, will be dubbed an honorary "March King" for a day! Participants are invited to share completed brackets with the Marine Band by emailing them to marineband.publicaffairs@usmc.mil or posting to facebook.com/marineband.

March Mania Matches





WINNER (The Stars and Stripes Forever) 10,459 to 10,146


WINNER (Valdres) 7,809 to 6,556


WINNER (Entry March of the Boyares) 10,189 to 9,168


WINNER (Semper Fidelis) 20,208 to 12,794


WINNER (Right-Left) 25,589 to 15,257


WINNER (H.M. Jollies) 18,165 to 8,039


WINNER (The Liberty Bell) 6,900 to 5,766


WINNER (Manhattan Beach) 10,175 to 4,959


WINNER (Children's March) 3,401 to 2,562


WINNER (Barnum & Bailey's Favorite) 5,497 to 4,634



WINNER (March of the Resistance) 5,109 to 3,913



WINNER (Entry of the Gladiators) 2,839 to 1,334



WINNER (Commando March) 6,041 to 4,991



WINNER (Athletic Festival March) 2,569 to 2,506


WINNER (The Purple Pageant March) 4,028 to 3,375


WINNER (The Washington Post March) 2,434 to 2,245

2017 Sousa's March Mania Winner
2017 March Mania Bracket

Educational Resources

Is your school participating in Sousa’s March Mania? It’s a great addition to your curriculum and encourages participation by your students by listening to and learning about several different marches and voting for the favorites. If you are interested in receiving supplemental resources for your students, such as the custom buttons pictured at left, please complete the form at this link: http://goo.gl/forms/tXt4xXzghz  (available while supplies last)                      


Complete March Mania Playlist on YouTube